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About us

Founded in 1971, Clomark now proudly celebrates 50 years of world class flexographic and lithographic packaging solutions.
Clomark services the Automotive, health and beauty, personal care, homecare, food and beverages, dairy, pharmaceutical and FMCG markets.
Ideally situated in Midrand, we offer best quality packaging with a focus on fast turnaround time nationally. Our diverse packaging offering includes, self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves and application, cartons and PIs and laminates.
Environmental sustainability is embedded throughout the value systems and Clomark is committed to creating innovative opportunities for sustainable environmental packaging. We value the health and safety of our employees, visitors and customers. Our systems include ISO:9001, ISO:14001, IATF16949. We are also HACCP and Pharmaceutically compliant.

We are a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor.

Printed Packaging

Self Adhesive Labels

We offer a wide range of self-adhesive labels for almost any application.

  • From general to specialised adhesives, various different top sheets eg. paper, plastic, transparent, metallised (silver).

  • Printing can range from blank labels to intricately designed multi-colour labels with specialised mirror finish foils or metallic inks.

  • High gloss or matt finishing. Transparent over-laminates are also an option for high exposure applications which render labels scuff-resistant.

  • Printing directly onto the adhesive face of labels as in dishwashing liquid labels that may be seen through the contents of a transparent bottle.

  • Peel and reveal labels which require specific areas of adhesive to be de-activated.

  • Multi-layer labels.

  • Industries we supply self-adhesive labels to are:

    • Dairy

    • Meat and poultry

    • Food and beverage
      Beauty, cosmetics and personal care

    • Home care

    • Pharmaceutical

    • Automotive

    • General industrial

Although we typically service the above industries we welcome enquiries from other industries as well. We pride ourselves in providing solutions and excellent service to all customers.if 

Self adhesive labels

Shrink Sleeves

A great alternative to self-adhesive labels that are typically applied to the outside of bottles and containers, shrink sleeves hug the shape of the container making the container appear to be printed.

They may be:

  • Fully printed, multi-colour or unprinted i.e. transparent, or anything in between.

  • Medium shrink for conventionally shaped containers or high shrink for special shaped containers.

  • Supplied as single shrink sleeves i.e. in a stack, or in a continuous roll for automatic sleeve application (machine-applied).

  • Mirror finish foils.

  • Gloss or matt finishing.

  • Tamper proofing sleeves, printed or unprinted, to seal container lids or complete containers against tampering. Perforations may be included for ease of removal by the legitimate customer.


These types of packaging is a little more specialised and are typically supplied on continuous rolls, although they may in certain instances be supplied as single, complete products e.g. bags and pouches.

  • Used to package food items, gels, powders, soaps, crystals e.g salts.

  • The contents eg. food items may be in direct contact with packaging i.e primary packaging meaning that food grade / food safe packaging is used.

  • Various different constructions in terms of layers of materials eg. BOPP, PET, Foil, LDPE, CPP, Nylon or a combination of materials that provide barriers against moisture, oils, gases, as well as sealant layers. Feel free to discuss your specific requirements with us so that we may recommend a material construction for your product.

  • This field of products is extremely broad with countless different types of products and material constructions that we can custom manufacture for you.

  • May be unprinted or full colour/ multi-colour printing.


Cartons, Cardboard Products

We manufacture cartons, board sleeves (eg, for pre-packed meals) and various different types of cardboard packaging for a wide range of applications.

  • Our main area of focus is cardboard cartons that are not corrugated eg. printed cartons for medication, vitamins, beauty products, soaps, food items although we welcome you to discuss your specific requirements with us, so that we may provide you with the best solution.

  • Cartons may be unprinted or fully printed with multiple colours.

  • Mirror finish foils.

  • Standard gloss or high gloss finishing.

  • Types of boards used vary in thickness, grammage (weight per square metre), colour (white, brown kraft, grey-back) and plastic-lined. The type of board used is determined by the type of product that is being packed as well as the overall mass of the product.

  • We can also recommend different types of locking mechanisms for the bottom and top of the carton. This once again, is determined by type of product being packed as well as the overall mass of the product.

Cartons Cardboard Products

Printed Packaging Inserts (PI's)

Typically used in the pharmaceutical industry, these types of products may contain large amounts of information about the packed product eg. dosages, pharmaceutical action, directions for use, warnings etc.

  • The most frequently used paper for these types of products is 60 to 80gsm paper, although we can manufacture various grammages of paper as needed.

  • These may be supplied folded or unfolded depending on your needs. We are able to supply various different folding patterns as required.

  • Some PI’s are supplied with double-sided tape at the back.

Branding Solutions

Clomark also offers various types of large format branding solutions such as:

  • Banners (PVC with or without eyelets)

  • Pull-up banners

  • Signage on plastic or metal sheets

  • Vehicle signage

  • Vehicle wraps (fully or partially wrapped)

This division offers a wide range of bespoke products in addition to the above offerings. Discuss your requirements with us and we will come up with a solution for you.

Shrink Sleeve Application

In addition to manufacturing shrink sleeves, we also offer shrink sleeve application onto your containers. We would ideally like to manufacture the sleeves we apply for you.

Simply order your shrink sleeves from us, drop off your containers, and let us know when you require them. We will do the rest for you.

We have extensive experience in shrink sleeve application and have infrared as well as steam tunnel technologies. Our ability to apply shrink sleeves to complex containers are unrivalled.

Design & DTP Services

Do you have a design in mind but need assistance in getting it onto your product? We can help you achieve this. We have a wealth of expertise from our highly experienced team that can assist you in getting your product easily recognized with our eye-catching designs.

Work with our DTP Operator and be wowed by the final product. We would ideally then like to produce the product for you.

We offer competitive rates for design. Speak to our sales team about this service.

Printers & Consumables

For customers requiring specific printed information regarding varying barcodes and product information where there is a large range of products, we offer the following ranges of hardware and consumables.

  • Barcode label printers. We have a range of the Argox brand of label printers of various widths, and output abilities depending on your requirements. These may be fully thermal or requiring the use of thermal transfer ribbons. We will deliver and set up your new printer and provide training.

  • Thermal transfer ribbons. These may be wax, resin or hybrid ribbons depending on the label substrate that you are printing on. These come in various widths and lengths as required.

  • Blank or pre-printed labels. A wide range of label types on various different materials. Should you require your logo or other static information pre-printed onto the label before you run them through your printer we are able to supply you as such.

  • Repairs and servicing of printers sold to you by Clomark.

Enquire with our experienced sales team on our offerings.

Printers & Consumables

Automotive Divisions

Clomark’s automotive division manufactures various components for the automotive assembly plants such as door screens (water curtains), printed decals, labels (tyre pressure information, airbag warnings, fuel labels, emissions information etc.), aluminium nameplates (vehicle information plates), disposable plastic carpet and seat protectors.

We make use of several manufacturing processes , and pride ourselves on our technology and strong technical abilities from a dynamic team that constantly strives to innovate and offer new products to the automotive market. We are always looking to offer solutions to the OEMs and welcome them to engage with us on localising components that Clomark has the ability to manufacture at our Midrand operation.

We utilise the below processes in our automotive division.


  • A mould consisting of a customised three dimensional shape is used to form plastic or foam into that shape, using heat and vacuum suction force.

  • A single large component or several smaller components may be produced from a mould.

  • This process allows the manufacturing of multiple 3-dimensional complex shapes from one mould .

  • Typical materials used are LDPE, PP, PET, PU foam and blends of plastics.


Impulse Sealing / Plastic Welding

  • As the name suggests, this process allows the welding of two plastic parts or sheets together.

  • This is a quick process that uses a short burst or impulse of heat to fuse the two components together with a short cooling dwell time.

  • Heating and cooling duration is adjustable to the types and thickness of plastics being fused together.

Aluminum Nameplate Division

  • Clomark manufactures aluminium Plates containing vehicle information that are typically mounted inside the engine compartment, asset tags for tooling and other items of value.

  • Plates may be supplied in various thicknesses and sizes, printed or unprinted. Specialised inks are used for printing. These inks are sealed into the aluminium sheet and cannot be removed easily even with the use of solvents.

  • Mounting holes and/or rounded corners and specific shapes are achieved on plates using a press mould.


  • This process provides highly durable printing on flat sheets, and is perfect for the manufacture of decals for the outer body panels of the vehicle eg. vehicle brand name, designation, special editions and graphics.

  • Specialised materials and inks used for these types of products offer protection against UV light, weathering and washing for the lifetime of the vehicle. A high grammage of ink laid down by this process further enhances the highly resistant properties mentioned above.

  • There are a host of substrates that may be screen printed, such as soft and hard plastics, various metals, paper and cardboard.

  • The printed sheets may then be enhanced for added protection, and cut into a specific shape and size as per the engineering drawing.



  • Several types of die-cutting processes allows us to die-cut rigid or non-rigid plastic, metal, paper and cardboard sheets into profiles.

  • The dies may be designed to cut 3-D components.

  • Accuracy can be assured with these cutting processes.

  • We also use platen die-cutters for smaller components.

Die Cutting


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ISO 9001
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ISO 9001
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ISO 45001

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001