Level 2 B-BBEE

We thrive on challenges. The more, the better! Throw us a challenge and we will find a solution quickly.
Our technical team is probably the single most advantageous factor in setting us apart from our competitors.
That being said, we also enjoy good relationships with most of our competitors.

At Clomark, you will find a team that is enthusiastic, dynamic and vibrant! We work on a value system carefully
aligned to our market needs. Using this approach we maximize our customer satisfaction
and lever competitive advantage in the areas where it is most effective.

It is importance to us that our business experience is pleasurable and fun!

Packaging products like our self-adhesive labels and flexible wraparounds is usually the first dimension
of appeal to a potential buyer of the product. We thus take pride in continually making strategic capital investments to stay abreast with the
leading global printing technology and plants. Our latest machines are in the leading technological class, by international standards.
Being a supplier to many international corporates, we are in the fortunate position of being in constant touch with international
technical expertise, which supports the cutting edge position. Our services include in-house designing
and design advice.